PSA: Local Kuwait Samsung Partners selling scratched S6 Edge units out of the box.

Like many of you I pre-ordered the S6 Edge from Zain Kuwait. But what followed was a nightmare.

On the 10th of April I picked up my unit from Zain. Before I left the branch I checked the display, and found that the S6 Edge had micro scratches covering 100% of the screen including the top and bottom bezels (where the home bottom and ear speaker is).

The branch staff refused to exchange the unit for me.

The micro scratches were verified by the Zains in-store workshop.


Since I refused to leave without a possible solution, I asked the Customer Service agent to call the branch manager. The outcome? I was instructed to go the Al-Babtain Samsung Service Center to have the unit replaced.

The Kuwait Samsung service center tried to convince me that this is how the display is supposed to be. I was also informed that Samsung Dubai allegedly sent them an e-mail, informing them if they received any complaints about the display, they are to inform the customer this is how the display is supposed to look.

When I spoke with Samsung Dubai Customer care this morning, I was told this is the first time they have heard of it. An issue like this that has already received a lot of attention online, I find that hard to believe. Only time will tell how this will end. In the mean time Ill have to wait and see how Samsung will respond.

I don’t take kindly to paying KD 275 to get a damaged phone out of the box, and then being accused of being the cause of the scratched screen.

In the meantime I have created this blog especially for Samsung S6 & S6 Edge defective units.

Im hoping to garner some local support, and see if how many users in Kuwait or even the middle east are affected by this batch of defective units.

For more details head on over to the S6 Edge DOA Site.

I’m Kismat, co-founder of nothing, and this is how I work =p

** Credit Given, Where its due, this post was inspired by:

Kismat was born and raised in Austria, only to be return to Kuwait just in time for the Iraqi Invasion, and subsequent Gulf War. Having survived the ordeal Kismat was determined to push the envelope, technology seemed to be the most interesting and fun way of doing this. His first and probably best job was working for Qualitynet back in 2001, this is where his passion for open-source solutions turned into an obsessive addiction, this was it… hooked on tech for life!

One of the unique projects he worked on was setting up, and managing Linux game-servers (Counter-Strike, Battlefield)  for QualityNet. Community Management, and setting up events & competitions. (At that time, most managers would throw you out of the office for claiming games were profitable). As well as being embarrassingly schooled in the art of Counter-Strike headshots by 13 years olds.  Currently Kismet assists the private sector with getting their IT Infrastructure in order, and ensuring it stays that way.

Name: Kismat
Occupation: IT Prj. Management
Location: Kuwait
Current computer: Home-built  Desktop, 2 x 7970 3gb, 16GB Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz, AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
Current Laptop: SAGER NP9150 -| 15.6″ FHD 95% Matte 1080P | i7-3610QM | Nvidia GTX680M | 16GB 1600MHz Corsair Vengeance | 256GB Samsung 830 SSD | KillerNic 1103
Current mobile devices: Galaxy Nexus (JB 4.1.2, rooted), Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 3G, Stylistic Q550
One word that best describes how I work: progressively
Interests Include: Foreign Films, Scuba Diving, Motorcycle Tours, MMOS, Technology, Humane Dog Training Methods
Community Involvements:
Moderator of Open Garden Community Forums & Map Editor, Area Manager for Kuwait at Waze

What apps/software/tools can’t you live without?

I love Androids mobile Gmail app, and I cant possibly imagine a phone without that app.
Evernote & Dropbox: To ensure I have access to everything I need on the go
Waze: Invaluable tool to dodge traffic in Kuwait
Open Garden: Auto tethers my devices to my phones data connection without requiring me to press anything.
Titanium Backup Pro: The best back-up app for android devices

What’s your best time-saving shortcut/life hack? 

Considering the amount of time we spend in traffic every day, I’d say its Waze, it saves me at least an hour of grueling traffic a day. Thats 7 hours saved a week.

So…your favorite to-do list manager?

Astrid  (iOS, Android, Web)

What’s your workspace setup like?

Home office with triple monitor setup. Razer Megalodon the lightest most comfortable headset I ever owned.

What do you listen to while you work? 

Depends on my mood, but generally I prefer: Chillout Lounge – Dubstep – Classical music

Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can’t you live without? 

It would have to be the Kindle, it allows to me read whatever I want, whenever I want, and not worry about customs and the ministry of information when importing books from Amazon.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

If your crossing the Saudi border by car, and the immigration officer insists on calling you by the wrong name.. DONT correct him.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Yeah, what does a techy have to do to find a great job with a company that actually makes progress in a fun and innovative way (Ala Google, Blizzard, Microsoft)

Howto Root Euro Motorola Xoom 3G and Install Honeycomb 3.2

So I’ve been reading tons of forum threads to figure this out. The thing is, its not really hard, but what makes it challenging is the noise of information out there. You get to a point that your not sure which method is the right method.
Eventually I started taking down notes, toyed with it for a bit, and said what the heck, lets just do this, and if it bricks it bricks. And after all that hard work I decided to share my notes with you all. So you dont have to go through the same hassle I did.
I purchased my Xoom 3g from Axiom in Kuwait, and tested the 3g functionality with ZainKW. It should work for all other 3g providers in Europe and Asia.
I started out with Android 3.1 Stock which I got OTA.
Disclaimer: You follow these instructions at your own risk, you have been warned.

My favorite Android Apps

These are some of my favorite apps, if you got some interesting apps to share with us, please leave a comment =)

Exchange Clients

If your using a custom ROM chances are you lost your native exchange client. Or maybe you just wanted better integration with your organizations Global Directory. I’ve used both of these lovely exchange clients and you honestly cannot go wrong with either of them. I might prefer Moxier though over touchdown though.

Exchange for Android 2.x (aka Touchdown)

Moxier Mail


Google Authenticator

If you have a Android device chances are you have a Gmail account. You can secure your email account with this official “One Time Password” tool from Google. Best of all its free! I highly recommend that everyone active their 2-step authentication ASAP!


I manage a lot of passwords, at home, for two workplaces, and in some cases for family and friends. KeePassDroid helps me keep track of all my passwords or any other sensitive information in a encrypted database. The app is available on iPhone, Android, Mac OS, Linux, Windows. You could for example drop your encrypted database file in a private folder on dropbox, and that way you would have access to the same database file no matter where you access it from.


3G Watchdog Pro

Chances are you Mobile Service provider keeps tabs on your mobile data usage and bills your or disrupts your service according to your data usage. This app will help you keep track of how much data you consume, and is very helpful in keeping within set data plan limits.


I hate business cards, so I just scan them with this app, and let the Google Addressbook do the rest.

Root Explorer

If your rooting your Android device this is a great file browser.


I always wondered what the “real” total cost of ownership is for my car. If you want to keep track of your cars costs, and its performance, such as mpg, km/litre etc. Then this a great app for you. (Free version is available also, ad supported)


Awesome weather app. Great for people that have an active lifestyle, can help determine which day would be best to ride your bike for example.


I absolutely hate having to type in my VPN password each and every time I connect. This app saves your password and also allows you to connect with one touch via a widget on home screen.

Gentle Alarm

The best Android Alarm clock. By far probably one the best purchases you’ll ever make


A very decent RDP/VNC client for Android. Will connect even when behind a NAT/Firewalled network. It does this by storing your public IP in the google cloud. And uses your google account credentials to get you connected to your PC.



Eve Online Pilot manager


Another Eve Online Pilot manager

EVE Mail

Read only EveMail app

Moron Test

Silly title, Great Game, Insanely Addictive


Smart Keyboard Pro

The best Android Keyboard. This is a must have app

Flikie Wallpapers HD

Great selection of wallpaper

Hotspot Widget

A quick and easy way to enable your hotspot


The only Launcher that I use

OnOff WidgetPack

I use this for its 2g/3g widget mostly.

Entertainment & Shopping

SoundHound ∞

Heard a song, wanna know who its by, Soundhound has got you covered. You can even hym a song and it will tell you who its by.

XE Currency


Get your magazines cheap. Think Kindle but for Magazines

Amazon Kindle

Barcode Scanner

Package Tracker Pro

If you ship a lot of packages this app is very helpful in keeping track of them. Can sync via the cloud too. So enter tracking numbers at home in a browser and your phone will have the same info on the go.


Dont get ripped off, let ShopSavvy tell you if you can find your toys cheaper elsewhere






A nice tool that is cross platform, allows to me clip or take notes everywhere. I use this all the time.


Reading something interesting but need to head out, read it later will push it into the cloud and you can later load it from any device.

Social & Feeds & Forums


Google Reader



Lots of forums can be browsed with this app. For mobile devices its a must have app if you browse forums a lot.

Twidroyd PRO

The best paid twitter app. Look for Twicca if your looking for a free twitter app


It really did kill SMS usage for me. Everyone has whatsapp and theres no real reason why you should not have it either.

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Selecting an Android Mobile Device

This is a follow up article to: Why I returned to Android, and sold my iPhone4

Some Android device makers lock the bootloader in ways that make it nearly impossible to develop a custom ROM for the device. A super hot, sexy, fast, device that cannot be rooted is basically very expensive paper weight, and utterly useless. Should the manufacturing company drop support for the device you will be left out in the cold. This is done quite often, because manufacturers simply expect you to buy a new device that they have just pumped out. And more often than not these devices usually still have known bugs and radio issues, or battery drain issues.

Base Logic

One iPhone 4 is just like the other. Android devices are not! I do not know of any Android Devices that are acceptable to use straight out of the box without modifying it with a custom ROM and applications that depend on root access. So when selecting an Android device make sure you look at the following:

Continue reading “Selecting an Android Mobile Device”

Why I returned to Android, and sold my iPhone4

Before anyone gets too excited, allow me to describe the objective of this article.

Target Audience

  • This article is most suited for Advanced Users (i.e. Your not afraid of custom ROMS, flashing firmware, generally hacking your phones)


  • If its not already obvious all the annoying iPhone issues I list bellow do not exist on Android Devices (Gingerbread+)


  • Share my experience on the iPhone 4 with others. This is based on real world usage over a period of 2 months as a primary phone.
  • Make it easier for people to choose which OS/Device might suit them better

iPhone 4 – iOS 4

In a nutshell id say the iPhone 4 and its iOS4 is a “fun” device to use. The iPhone is certainly easy to use and manage for the “masses”, it works out of the box, anyone and everyone can use it, from your 5 year old to your grandparents. One thing that you cant fault it for is its incredible battery life, especially if you happen to browse a lot on the go. Having said that however the iPhone 4 is not without its faults.

  • Its not possible to add custom sms tones. So if one iPhone user receives an sms, chances are 6 other people are going to check if they received an sms. Do not confuse this with ringtones. Im talking about notification tones that should play when you receive an sms. For some this alone could be a deal breaker.
  • iPhone is designed to store only 2 numbers of each type per contact. So if your contact has 3 mobile phones your out of luck, cause you will not be able to label them as such. In fact you can only store “one” mobile number, and one “car” number. (Seriously car phones? Who has these things?) <- Solution?
    This topic seems to be addressed in this other thread on this forum:
    From answer approved as correct by Google employee:
    “Some other threads on this forum mentioned that the ActiveSync protocol itself has this limitation:  3 email addresses, 2 numbers, and numbers must be labeled from a preset list of labels:  “home”, “work”, etc.  “other” is NOT one of these labels, so a number marked “other” will not sync from iPhone->Google or vice versa.”
  • If your sending an SMS to a contact that has both a “mobile” number and a “home” number, the iPhone will promptly ask you which number you would like to send an sms too. Kind of silly really, since home numbers on average are not capable of receiving sms texts.
  • If a contact has multiple contact numbers, you are unable to specify which number to call by default. This may be another deal breaker for some.
  • If you have a lot of contacts in your address book, chances are many of them do not have telephone numbers. Which means you will not want to see them on your dialer list when your looking to call someone. The iPhone 4 does not allow you to hide contacts that dont have numbers associated with them.
  • There is no real easy and quick way to toggle 2g/3g connectivity. You will want to be in 2g when the phone is not in use, and switch to 3g when your actively browsing (see: Auto3g on Cydia)
  • If you like to actively use multiple apps, iOS4 is terrible for this purpose, when compared to Android. On a scale of 1 to 10 Id rate the multi app experience on the iPhone a solid “two”. One being worst, and ten being best.

Bellow are some other minor caveats:

  • The iPhone keyboard behavior cannot be be customized
  • You cannot hold the top row letter keys for a number entry if held for 2 seconds or more
  • No Led light to indicate missed calls or messages
  • Widgets are not supported
  • You cannot arrange Application Icons in a specific order, its not possible to have spaces between one icon and another
  • Horrible Memory Management, frequently freezes and slows down
  • No top titlebar notifications
  • Push notifications do not work with 3rd party apps (Twitter, Etc..)
  • Multitasking mechanism is useless, pressing the home button twice to bring up the task switcher, which displays a single long row of apps that are installed on the iPhone. (To be fair only the ones that you have run at least once since last reboot, but very quickly this will equate to all of them)
  • The iPhone 4 is very heavy!
  • The amount of times that the AppStore prompts you for the iTunes account password is just utterly ridiculous. On update, on installation of a free app, on removal of apps, on purchase of an app. Very very annoying, since your password will be a complex one to type in each time. (Apple accounts are forced to have complex passwords, which is a good thing)
  • App Store will not update an App that is larger than 20mb if your not on WiFi
  • App Store has trouble updating multiple apps (10+) takes freaking forever to complete even on wifi. The best workaround for this is to use iTunes to update and then sync the updated apps across.
  • When AppStore begins a program update, the program is immediately unavailable until the update is complete. Android Market however is very capable of caching the update 1st, before updating it.

App Market VS App Store

Both App markets offer a lot of apps, and to be honest you cant go wrong with either. So you never really have to worry about not being able to have that app for a specific function. In my case however the apps I used on both the iPhone and Android devices, I found the Android version often are superior. There are exceptions to this: (Echofon, Deliveries). However I was still able to find apps that provide the same functionality.

I guess what Im trying to say is, ignore all those articles that claim one app market is better than the other, cause quite simply its rubbish. They both do the job, and do it well. Albeit the App Store is very annoying with the obsessive password entry requests.

Some Alternatives to the iPhone 4: