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In the world of movies, we haven’t been making a lot of good movies lately. That’s why most of us turn to TV series to fill the gap. I’m surprised the “Movie” business hasn’t gone extinct yet. But it will soon, mark my words. Think about it, and there isn’t a single film that could not be presented in a TV show format. The same is not true the other way round.

So I woke up this morning, spun up Plex and decided to watch something I haven’t seen yet while having breakfast. Steve Jobs? Sure why not, it’s something I can tune out or miss some parts without having to rewind all the time, while I chow down in peace.

I expected the movie to be flimsy, dull, and at best endurable for 45 minutes. Let me tell you; that’s not how it went down. I was hooked right from the start, missing parts of this movie were proving to be an impossible feat.

the Movie

This movie is very personal, and it will force you to react emotionally, you become a “part” of this film. That is certainly not something that can be said about a lot of movies these days. The movie also makes you think about your life, and perhaps offers you the opportunity to re-evaluate some of the decisions you’ve made. If not, chances are you will at least ask yourself, if there is something that you could re-evaluate.

This movie is not about Steve Jobs, (actually, it is) it’s about us! It’s about all of us. You need to see this movie, your family needs to see this film, your parents need to see this movie. Before you watch this with your kids, look at the rating bellow.


Kizmet: 9/10

Family Rating: Rated R

All parents make their decisions about what their children should and should not watch. It’s worth pointing out, there is no nudity in this movie, no making out, etc. This movie got its R rating due to language. For more details click here.

IMDB: 7.2/10

Trailer: (Don’t watch it, see the movie)



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