Like many of you I pre-ordered the S6 Edge from Zain Kuwait. But what followed was a nightmare.

On the 10th of April I picked up my unit from Zain. Before I left the branch I checked the display, and found that the S6 Edge had micro scratches covering 100% of the screen including the top and bottom bezels (where the home bottom and ear speaker is).

The branch staff refused to exchange the unit for me.

The micro scratches were verified by the Zains in-store workshop.


Since I refused to leave without a possible solution, I asked the Customer Service agent to call the branch manager. The outcome? I was instructed to go the Al-Babtain Samsung Service Center to have the unit replaced.

The Kuwait Samsung service center tried to convince me that this is how the display is supposed to be. I was also informed that Samsung Dubai allegedly sent them an e-mail, informing them if they received any complaints about the display, they are to inform the customer this is how the display is supposed to look.

When I spoke with Samsung Dubai Customer care this morning, I was told this is the first time they have heard of it. An issue like this that has already received a lot of attention online, I find that hard to believe. Only time will tell how this will end. In the mean time Ill have to wait and see how Samsung will respond.

I don’t take kindly to paying KD 275 to get a damaged phone out of the box, and then being accused of being the cause of the scratched screen.

In the meantime I have created this blog especially for Samsung S6 & S6 Edge defective units.

Im hoping to garner some local support, and see if how many users in Kuwait or even the middle east are affected by this batch of defective units.

For more details head on over to the S6 Edge DOA Site.

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