Fujitsu has tasked its Insiders (which Im not part of… yet *grins*) to share what they would install in the modular bay of their Fujitsu Lifebook.

So the insiders were tasked with imagining themselves on a business trip in the Middle East, traveling through Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

The choices were:

  • 2nd battery for extra power
  • 2nd hard disk for more storage space
  • Blue-Ray drive for entertainment

Hypothetically speaking if I was in this situation I would certainly choose for a 2nd battery to be installed, and hopefully the bay comes with a cover just in case I choose to remove the battery temporarily. I think most professionals would probably go the same route.

Here are the reasons why I did not select nor consider the other options.

  • Blue-Ray Drive: Seriously??? I don’t own any Blue-Rays, nor would I ever consider buying one. I consume all media in the form of .mkv/.mp3 formats. I absolutely detest physical media of any type. The only media device that is semi-useful these days is a USB storage device.
  • 2nd Hard disk: I cant imagine I would need that much storage, unless I’m a professional photographer or a movie producer or someone that works with large format high rez media files.

That should sum it up quite nicely.

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