How to send Prescription Drugs/Medicines to the USA

1.) Browse to US FDA Orange Book to check if your prescription drug is approved (You can import non FDA approved drugs into the US)

2.) You need to have a prescription signed by your doctor, and stamped from the hospital (Or your doctors clinic or professional est.)

3.) You will also need a commercial invoice for your drug from either the hospital or pharmacy (Even if you got it for free from a gov. hospital)

4.) Notation should be placed on the outside of the parcel stating “Doctors Letter Attached”

All set? Great now you can call any of the carriers you deal with.


Fedex:+965 1 802.233

DHL: +965 1 808.345

I had to figure this out recently and none of the local carriers could provide me with accurate information on how to get this done, so I figured id share this with you.



Howto Root Euro Motorola Xoom 3G and Install Honeycomb 3.2

So I’ve been reading tons of forum threads to figure this out. The thing is, its not really hard, but what makes it challenging is the noise of information out there. You get to a point that your not sure which method is the right method.
Eventually I started taking down notes, toyed with it for a bit, and said what the heck, lets just do this, and if it bricks it bricks. And after all that hard work I decided to share my notes with you all. So you dont have to go through the same hassle I did.
I purchased my Xoom 3g from Axiom in Kuwait, and tested the 3g functionality with ZainKW. It should work for all other 3g providers in Europe and Asia.
I started out with Android 3.1 Stock which I got OTA.
Disclaimer: You follow these instructions at your own risk, you have been warned.