Fatima Al-Qaderi
Specter I

I make it a weekly habit to check out Marks Blog 2:48am, and this week I came across a really interesting post.

Apparently Kuwaits very own Fatima Al-Qadiri (aka Ayshay) seems to be off to a relatively good start in the underground ambient music scene. If you like listening to non-mainstream ambient tracks you might wanna check her out.

Ayshay – WARN-U

Fatima’s background is also colorful, born in Dakar, Senegal 1981. Living and working in Brooklyn NY, with a bachelors degree in linguistics. I bet she had a very interesting life, and I would love to interview her.  She seems to be a very deep and interesting person, and she may well motivate the next generation of Kuwaitis to break out of their restrictive culture.

I wish Ayshay all the best, and once I find out where I can buy her tracks I will do so and add them to my collection.

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