These are some of my favorite apps, if you got some interesting apps to share with us, please leave a comment =)

Exchange Clients

If your using a custom ROM chances are you lost your native exchange client. Or maybe you just wanted better integration with your organizations Global Directory. I’ve used both of these lovely exchange clients and you honestly cannot go wrong with either of them. I might prefer Moxier though over touchdown though.

Exchange for Android 2.x (aka Touchdown)

Moxier Mail


Google Authenticator

If you have a Android device chances are you have a Gmail account. You can secure your email account with this official “One Time Password” tool from Google. Best of all its free! I highly recommend that everyone active their 2-step authentication ASAP!


I manage a lot of passwords, at home, for two workplaces, and in some cases for family and friends. KeePassDroid helps me keep track of all my passwords or any other sensitive information in a encrypted database. The app is available on iPhone, Android, Mac OS, Linux, Windows. You could for example drop your encrypted database file in a private folder on dropbox, and that way you would have access to the same database file no matter where you access it from.


3G Watchdog Pro

Chances are you Mobile Service provider keeps tabs on your mobile data usage and bills your or disrupts your service according to your data usage. This app will help you keep track of how much data you consume, and is very helpful in keeping within set data plan limits.


I hate business cards, so I just scan them with this app, and let the Google Addressbook do the rest.

Root Explorer

If your rooting your Android device this is a great file browser.


I always wondered what the “real” total cost of ownership is for my car. If you want to keep track of your cars costs, and its performance, such as mpg, km/litre etc. Then this a great app for you. (Free version is available also, ad supported)


Awesome weather app. Great for people that have an active lifestyle, can help determine which day would be best to ride your bike for example.


I absolutely hate having to type in my VPN password each and every time I connect. This app saves your password and also allows you to connect with one touch via a widget on home screen.

Gentle Alarm

The best Android Alarm clock. By far probably one the best purchases you’ll ever make


A very decent RDP/VNC client for Android. Will connect even when behind a NAT/Firewalled network. It does this by storing your public IP in the google cloud. And uses your google account credentials to get you connected to your PC.



Eve Online Pilot manager


Another Eve Online Pilot manager

EVE Mail

Read only EveMail app

Moron Test

Silly title, Great Game, Insanely Addictive


Smart Keyboard Pro

The best Android Keyboard. This is a must have app

Flikie Wallpapers HD

Great selection of wallpaper

Hotspot Widget

A quick and easy way to enable your hotspot


The only Launcher that I use

OnOff WidgetPack

I use this for its 2g/3g widget mostly.

Entertainment & Shopping

SoundHound ∞

Heard a song, wanna know who its by, Soundhound has got you covered. You can even hym a song and it will tell you who its by.

XE Currency


Get your magazines cheap. Think Kindle but for Magazines

Amazon Kindle

Barcode Scanner

Package Tracker Pro

If you ship a lot of packages this app is very helpful in keeping track of them. Can sync via the cloud too. So enter tracking numbers at home in a browser and your phone will have the same info on the go.


Dont get ripped off, let ShopSavvy tell you if you can find your toys cheaper elsewhere






A nice tool that is cross platform, allows to me clip or take notes everywhere. I use this all the time.


Reading something interesting but need to head out, read it later will push it into the cloud and you can later load it from any device.

Social & Feeds & Forums


Google Reader



Lots of forums can be browsed with this app. For mobile devices its a must have app if you browse forums a lot.

Twidroyd PRO

The best paid twitter app. Look for Twicca if your looking for a free twitter app


It really did kill SMS usage for me. Everyone has whatsapp and theres no real reason why you should not have it either.

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