This is a follow up article to: Why I returned to Android, and sold my iPhone4

Some Android device makers lock the bootloader in ways that make it nearly impossible to develop a custom ROM for the device. A super hot, sexy, fast, device that cannot be rooted is basically very expensive paper weight, and utterly useless. Should the manufacturing company drop support for the device you will be left out in the cold. This is done quite often, because manufacturers simply expect you to buy a new device that they have just pumped out. And more often than not these devices usually still have known bugs and radio issues, or battery drain issues.

Base Logic

One iPhone 4 is just like the other. Android devices are not! I do not know of any Android Devices that are acceptable to use straight out of the box without modifying it with a custom ROM and applications that depend on root access. So when selecting an Android device make sure you look at the following:

  1. Check that it can be “rooted”
  2. Ensure that it has developer support, and therefore lots of ROMs available for it
  3. Ideally you need to select a “fast” dual core device, with great speakers, camera is not so important. Neither are looks. (Honestly most of use don’t use our phone camera for a professional photo shoot)
  4. If your reading a lot of reviews you might wish to consider battery life as an important feature as well
  5. And yes you want to read as many reviews as possible about your future android purchase, I find the most honest ones are posted on Android Forums by its users.


I’d recommend you hop on over to look for the devices that your considering to purchase and check out its threads to know if its rootable or not. Every devices forum has a sub forum named “All things Root” this is the first place to check out. You may also look at If your phone is listed there, it can very easily be rooted.

Great Speakers? Yes you need that if you plan to use your phone as an alarm clock, or do not enjoy missing calls because you could not hear it ring.

Ideally your looking for a rootable dual core device such as the SGS2.

Recommended Android Devices:

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