So the other day I took my car to the Al-Babtain Renault Service Center, and this is something I absolutely hate doing. There is nothing, nothing in Kuwait more aggravating and annoying than their service center.

My car was due for a major Service, and needed a few things fixed as well. Such as exhaust mounting bracket, engine seat, and front axle bearings.

Total Cost: KD 176

Value: ZERO

For this service there actually exists a 42 point checklist, which I happened to get a hold of. One of the items of the checklist was labeled “Windshield Wipers”. This was marked as functional and checked by the Servicing Technician. In actuality it was not working and hasn’t been working for years.

When I called their bluff, they profusely apologized, but that was about all they were willing to do.

The question I ask myself is this; If they lied on something as obvious and easy to check as a wiper, wouldn’t that be a good indication that the 42 point check was never performed to begin with?

A few days later, someone from the CRM department called and asked if I had any complaints, comments, or suggestions about their services.

Here is what I said:

  • You pretend to service the car and charge me for it anyways
  • The technician failed to check if the cars horn is working
  • Often screws are not replaced, especially the bottom engine cover (I’ve lost 3 already because of that)
  • Al-Babtain does not stock spare parts for Renault cars (They consider it Dead Stock) This is especially true for their sports line
  • The Renault showroom is shared with the Nissan Showroom a ratio of 99% Nissan to 1% Renault.
  • Its obvious that Al-Babtain does not care for the Renault Brand, which is a shame, because they’re excellent cars
  • Any parts needed for repairs or service if ordered take 70 days to arrive in Kuwait, if you want it sooner Al-Babtain forces you to pay the DHL shipping charges. So you end up paying out of your pocket so that an exclusive Renault Dealer does not have to stock parts
  • Often if a part is not available the Service Adviser explains “Oh this part is not really needed”
  • The spare parts are too expensive, in many cases are worth more than the car itself (Lol, yes really)

I also explained to them that I have made complaints before, and in one particular incident, a group of us complained to Renault France directly in order to resolve our problems. But the bottom line is, they don’t care. To this date since 2004 I have never seen them make an attempt to make things right for their customers.

In essence Al-Babtains Renault after sales service is non-existent. To my horrified surprise even their Service Adviser acknowledged this by saying that the company was best at collecting money and not giving anything in return.

I was promised by the CRM rep that it would be looked into, and that someone would contact me. I told her that she was merely kidding herself, and no such thing would actually transpire, however on this point Id love to be proven wrong. So far its been 24 hours, still no call. Probably no one will call anyways.

So the moral of the story is, Renault Cars are great, if your considering one, you best consider something else, cause their after sales service or lack of will simply kill your joy for it. And finding someone else to fix your Renault is going to be very difficult.

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